Privacy Policy

Overview of the data we collect and why we do it.


We do not intentionally collect, store or use any personal information.

We use services from third parties that collect data. We use them to enable features, improve user-experience and for anonymous statistics. Examples: App Store, Crash Reports, aggregated visitor and usage statistics.

The technologies and services we use are described below to the best of our knowledge. For questions contact:


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to have a general idea of how many people visit our website overall in a period of time and where on earth they come from.

Google Analytics records what website you came from, what computer you are using, where you are located and several other details.

Here are their Terms of Service. You can opt out of their advertising tracking cookie or use a browser plugin to opt out of all Google Analytics tracking.


Apple App Store

When you purchase our Apps on the App Store you may have to provide personal information as part of the regular purchasing process. We do not have access to any of this information.


This crash analytics software from Microsoft helps us to fix critical bugs faster by providing anonymous technical information about the crash. It also shows us anonymous information about how many people use our apps, how often and which version.

Last Updated: 2018-Nov-01